Thoughts on Turning 70

As my birthday approaches, I have many thoughts on turning 70.  It seems that milestone birthdays — especially those that mark another decade merit reflection. I’ve now lived seven decades of my life.  It’s truly a time for reflection!  I’m looking back at old journals as I can’t recall each of these important decade birthdays. […]

FOGO and The Art of Aging

What is FOGO and how does it relate to the art of aging? Let’s begin with the easy part.  FOGO is the short form for Fear of Getting Old. Getting old is inevitable. For many, FOGO begins in teenage years, accelerates with every decade, and becomes more of a pre-occupation if you are fortunate to […]

Coping with Fear of the Future

How can we cope with fear of the future? Why does fear of the future become a preoccupation as we grow older? Older people have many fears in common including fear of dying, fear of living in pain, fear of losing independence, and, of course, fear of getting old. Most days, some worry about getting […]