Retirement Transitions — Stages of Retirement

Finding a post retirement identity is a process that involves transitions.  I realize that I am slowly making these transitions during this wonderful third stage of life. Just over a year ago when I retired from work, I was gaga with all the new-found time and freedom that was suddenly available.  Now I realize that […]

Retirement Observations — one year out and it still feels like a vacation

Today marks one year since I left the office, put my briefcase into a corner and started retirement.  It’s one year later and every day still feels like a vacation!  The first 365 days of retirement have been wonderful.  Moreover, I am confident that next year will be better yet. I look to the future […]

What are your real retirement needs?

During this week I listened to a CBC radio program on aging in Canada.  Part of the program featured telephone calls from retired people from across the country. Many comments were heart wrenching with stories of arbitrary reductions of company pensions, attempts to live on Old Age Security and Canada Pension Benefits, concerns about failing […]

Those last days at the office

As the count down (15,14,13,12,11,10………….days left) marches relentlessly forward and  only a few days of work are left, worry about using the time effectively strikes.   People provide advice to take long lunches, to enjoy the last meetings, to arrive late and to leave early.  I find myself ignoring all of the advice and proceeding through my days at […]

Surviving the Retirement 'Event'

Recently a colleague confided that she was looking forward to many aspects of retirement but was dreading the sendoff — the ‘event’ where she would be recognized and feted.  This sentiment was echoed in speaking with another friend who told me that he had been adamant about not wanting any dinner or reception or other […]

What will I do 'after' work?

Oh my goodness — there are only three months left until I stop going to the office every day.  My ‘to do’ list has been prepared and I am working on completion of projects for which I have responsibility.  I am also starting to prepare transfer notes for my successor once that person is named by […]

Decision Time

Let’s assume that you are in the wonderful place where the decision to retire is yours and yours alone.   This decision is often taken for us — by employers forcing downsizing or lay-offs, by poor health, by working in an age-restricted industry.  Sometimes a spouse or partner is creating pressure to retire — especially if […]