Celebrating International Women’s Day 2019

International Women’s Day on March 8, 2019, brings another opportunity to celebrate women’s achievements. The theme of International Women’s Day in Canada is #InnovateForChange to recognize the contributions of women in science and technology. STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) occupations continue to attract a preponderance of men, a trend that needs to change. Government, industry, […]

Happiness Doesn’t Mean Always Being Happy

Does happiness mean always being happy? I’m not sure that it’s possible to expect a constant state of happiness — especially when we live in a scary time and in a confused world. We want happiness that comes from feelings of joy and pleasure. Yet these feelings are fleeting.  Never-ending bliss is impossible. Everyone has their […]

Embrace the Art of Lagom

When researching a recent post on hygge for surviving the Canadian winter, I stumbled on the concept of lagom.  http://www.postworksavvy.com/embracing hygge to survive winter Some websites proclaim that lagom has eclipsed hygge as the latest Scandinavian trend. While a hygge way of living refers to coziness, warmth, and comfort, all of which can be fleeting, lagom describes […]

Have You Outgrown Yourself?

When your retirement life feels constricted, you might ask whether you have outgrown yourself. Whaaaat — you ask? How can that happen? In all likelihood, you have outgrown your retirement lifestyle.  You planned a fulfilling and exciting retirement — not one that feels smaller with each passing year. Outgrowing oneself may be a natural progression of […]