15 Ways to make your retirement extraordinary

A comment made by a good friend provided the idea for this post. When speaking about retirement, she said, “for those of us who didn’t have ordinary careers — or ordinary lives — why would we expect to have ordinary retirements?” Her comment sparked thoughts about choices in life and career that were less than […]

Why Overcoming the Habit of Multi-tasking Creates a Successful Retirement

Did you spend most of your career juggling several priorities? Was it commonplace to deal with too many demands — work/home; personal/career? Did you feel inundated with responsibilities and requests? Did you wish for more hours in the day to complete tasks? In the last few years of my working life, I could answer ‘yes’ […]

Why aging does not have to be a losing battle

Everybody wants the benefits of good health in retirement.  Aging is not a losing battle.  Senility, grouchiness, poor memory, body aches and pains don’t necessarily go with aging. Taking care of your health requires a few good habits that are neither costly nor onerous.  Most of these habits become enjoyable as they become part of […]

Ignore Retirement Advice — Find your own path

There’s endless advice available to people who are retired or about to retire.  Newspapers, magazines, talk shows, financial advisors, personal coaches, family, friends, books and blogs — including postworksavvy — offer counsel.  There is advice on where to live, how to live, how to spend your money (or keep it), and how to spend your time. […]

What? Stress in Retirement?

As I was preparing to retire, I believed that leaving the world of work and its associated career demands meant that I would leave stress behind.  Not so.  Postworksavvy has discovered that retirement brings its own sources of stress. Retirement life decisions demand managerial skills similar to those used at work.  Setting priorities, controlling finances, […]

Taking a Life Inventory of Ordinary Successes in Retirement

Last week Barbara Moses, one of my favourite leadership columnists who writes in the Business section of the Globe and Mail, suggested doing an inventory of recent accomplishments that have produced intense life satisfaction. I decided that I could do a quick inventory of some of my ordinary retirement accomplishments in the past few months. I […]

Valentine's Day — What's love got to do with it?

Valentine’s Day happens tomorrow.  This is the day when we celebrate the loves of our lives. Flowers, chocolates, fancy cards, sexy lingerie and other gifts are given and received as tokens to express love.  The most important gift, though, is recognizing people who love you and who you love in return. What is love? There […]

Why Laughter Keeps You Young …and Healthy too

It’s no longer a secret that laughter keeps you young.  Researchers studying the process of aging know that laughter improves blood circulation — to the head and to the heart.  Laughing is good for you. A good belly laugh every day improves mood, improves physical health and improves emotional health.  Best of all, it’s free […]

7 Easy Ways to Maximize Health

Retired people rank health security among their highest priorities for a successful retirement.  Last year, during the weeks and months following hip surgery, I struggled with limited mobility.  I realized how much I had taken my good health for granted. I also realized what every Postworksavvy reader knows — good health is essential for a happy retirement.  You […]

Putting your best face forward — not just on Facebook

Many famous artists have recorded their adaptation of  ‘When you’re smiling — when you’re smiling — the whole world smiles with you’.  The beautifully simple lyrics of this well-loved song give a life lesson in how others see us — either as smiling and happy or as ‘frowning and bringing on the rain’. As I peruse […]