Staying Focused on Goals

Are you staying focused on goals and aspirations for 2017?  Did you have aspirations or make resolutions to change habits, improve yourself, or chase a dream? Perhaps, like me, you started the new year with a review of progress toward a retirement dream and decided this was the year for big accomplishments. The start of […]

Retirement Happiness — Why bother with a blog?

When I meet with friends who are retired, they ask why I bother writing a blog. This happens often, especially when I refuse an invitation because of a self-imposed writing or posting deadline. Friends wonder whether I’m wasting my time as they know that I make no money from blogging. They often ask ” why […]

Retirement Happiness — Use Your ‘Psychic Armour’

One morning last week as I drove to the gym for morning exercise,  I listened to a short documentary about the importance of psychic armour. I was intrigued. I had never thought of psychic armour as a method of protection from the inevitable stresses or anxieties that can unexpectedly hit anyone at any time. Whether […]