Basement Bootcamp

Since January 1, we’ve had a basement bootcamp. In preparation for selling our house, we have to purge years of stuff  stored in various parts of the basement to get the house ready for the market. Potential buyers would be aghast to see the basement disarray.  Books, craft materials, and other things that have accumulated […]

Selling our House — Reality Hits

Yesterday we met with a real estate professional. During the two plus hours he spent with us, the reality of selling our house began to hit. Until we started to look at various documents that we will sign to list the house, proposed marketing processes, and timing for the listing, selling the house seemed just […]

A New Year and A Year-End Assessment

Happy New Year to all postworksavvy readers! Many readers know that I write monthly posts for a retirement newsletter.  In today’s publication at you will find my year-end assessment, along with other interesting articles. I highly recommend the article, “Retirement — Regrets and Resolutions”, written by John Copelton, editor of Exploring Retirement. Prior to retirement, John worked as a psychologist.  His extensive […]