Letting Adult Children Solve Their Problems

One of the most difficult things for a parent is to stand back and let adult children solve their problems. In the past three months, I’ve watched my adult son change jobs, sell his house, buy another house, and move to a different city. It’s been an unbelievably stressful time for him and for our […]

Finding Happiness When Life Isn’t Perfect

If you have perfectionist tendencies, like I do, sometimes it’s difficult to find happiness when life isn’t perfect. I am slightly neurotic with high standards for myself and for others around me. I know and accept that there are highs and lows in life yet I often haveĀ  unattainable expectations. It’s related to being a […]

Every Retirement Choice has a Price

It’s a sad truth that every retirement choice has a price. The choice may have a financial price tag or an emotional price tag. In planning for retirement, most people try to make choices that will reward a lifetime of hard work with a care-free, stress-free lifestyle. They recognize that all choices come with price […]