Can a Password Mantra Change Habits?

Can a password mantra change habits? Have you tried using a mantra to reinforce a habit change? Can you use a computer password to reinforce your mantra? This idea of using a computer password as a mantra sounds weird — yet intriguing. To reinforce a new habit of keeping only two items per day on […]

Do You Understand Your Habits?

Do you understand your habits?  Do you want to change your habits? Are you aware that habits, both good habits and bad habits, control most aspects of your life including how you spend your time, how you relate to others,  and how you experience pleasure or pain? In the past months I’ve noticed that many […]

Living with Purpose

In 2015 I am determined to live with purpose  To make it a more rewarding year I’m making a few changes. Even though the New Year is a few days ‘old’, this is still a time of new beginnings as I suffered a bout of the flu during the celebrations. I’m feeling rejuvenated from the rest […]