American Thanksgiving Celebrations

American Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday!  As a Canadian, I consider it a great privilege to celebrate this holiday with long-time friends who live in New York. Tomorrow we plan to drive from Toronto to New York City. The trip itself is always exciting.  It’s a drive that takes nine or ten hours, depending on […]

10 November Gratitudes to Increase Happiness

Gratitudes during the month of November are difficult for those who live in Northern climes.  The skies are a wintry grey.  Dampness makes the cool air feel downright cold.  The trees have shed most of their autumn beauty. Day light is scarce. For me, November means blah days and low energy levels. I’m challenged to keep […]

Are you comfortable with who you are?

Are you comfortable with who you are?  Do you like yourself?  Are you happy with your retirement lifestyle? Or, do you find yourself wishing that you had made different decisions about retirement? Do you put yourself down when you make a silly mistake?  Are you striving too hard to cross items off the bucket list? […]