Retirement Happiness — Show up for your family

Do you show up when your family needs you? Do you help them when they ask for your help? Do you spend time together enjoying each others’ company? One of my friends has looked after her sick husband for several weeks.  She leaves the house only to drive him to medical appointments and to do essential […]

Surviving a Long Winter

The Canadian winter has been exceptionally long this year — longer and colder than usual. Winter began in our part of Ontario on November 23, 2013 with an early snow storm. Our family gathered at the cottage that weekend for the fall clean-up after the leaves fell from the oak trees.  Despite attempting to rake […]

Welcoming my husband home

Later this week it will be time to welcome my husband home. He’s been on his annual junket to Trinidad to visit family and friends during Carnival — something he’s been doing for many years. No matter how often this happens nor whether the trip lasts three, four or five weeks, welcoming him back always […]

Do women ‘age’ more easily than men?

Do women ‘age’ more easily than men? Anna Quindlen, speaking in a recent CBC interview, observed that women have an easier way of aging than men.  She attributed this to women’s capacity to re-invent themselves.  Typically, they are girls, then young women, then wives and then mothers. In each of these roles they learn how […]