Happiness in Retirement — Caring for Your Couple Relationship

One way to make sure that you are happier in retirement is by caring for your couple relationship. For most of February my husband was away on his annual solo vacation.  By choice I stayed at home.  Each of us enjoyed some ‘alone’ time. Now that he is home I am again taking delight in […]

Happier in Retirement — Cook at home

One of the secrets that makes me happier in retirement is the ability to cook at home. Cooking at home and then enjoying the result is an easy way to ramp up the ‘enjoyment quotient’ of life.  The bonus is eating nutritious food that improves health.Many people make cooking at home a part of their […]

Happy in Retirement — Good Routines

Good routines help to make you happy in retirement. In my last post I wrote that I was looking forward to getting back into our ‘couple’ routines when my husband returned from his annual solo vacation. Throughout our 46 years of marriage it’s been a regular routine to have coffee together — usually in bed […]