21 Days Without my Husband — Welcoming him home

Day 21 — It’s time to welcome him home. Tonight I’ll make the airport trek to pick up my husband after his annual vacation to visit family and friends in Trinidad, his home country.  I’m excited. After three weeks of cooking for one or, mostly, avoiding any cooking, I have re-stocked the refrigerator.  I’ve also […]

21 Days Without my Husband — Messing Around and Being Alone

Day 19 — It’s been a week of informal ‘messing around’ and being alone — having fun with others and relaxing while alone. During the past few days I have amused myself with activities and diversions of my choice. On Monday I realized that this was the last full week that I would be home […]

21 Days without My Husband — Dealing with Unnecessary Worry

Day 7 — After a night of unnecessary worry about my husband, hearing my husband’s voice on the telephone was a huge relief. While writing my blog post last night, I learned of an earthquake in Trinidad. Internet search confirmed that a quake of Magnitude 4.9 occurred at a depth of 110 kilometers in the […]

21 Days Without my Husband — Solitude and Sociability

Day 6 — Are solitude and sociability polar opposites? When my husband left for his annual winter junket I wrote about looking forward to three weeks alone. In the past few days a major storm left me housebound with no choice but solitude.  It was quite lovely but by this weekend I needed to spend […]

21 Days Without my Husband — A Good Samaritan

Day 5 without my husband. The noise of the City snow ploughs clearing the street awakened me. My heart sank as I looked at the huge snow windrow the plough left behind plugging the driveway.  It was about 4 feet high and thick with big chunks of snow and ice from the road. I knew that […]

21 Days Without my Husband — Snowmageddon

Day 4 — It’s snowmageddon where I live. 29.5 centimeters of snow has fallen.  The snow began last night, stopped for a few hours and then began in earnest this morning and continued through the day. I spent most of the day watching neighbours fight the snow.  Several began shovelling early this morning and repeatedly […]

21 Days Without my Husband — A Winter Storm Approaches

Day 3 without my husband — I’m settling-in to await arrival of the biggest snow storm to hit the Greater Toronto Area in many years. Canadians stay aware of the weather at all times — especially during winter when storms can get dangerous. Today Environment Canada issued a storm warning that predicts 20 – 30 centimeters  of […]

21 Days Without my Husband — Feeling the Freedom

Day 2 — I’m feeling the freedom! I woke up to bright blue skies. A good dose of February sunshine always cheers me.  Perhaps it’s my Saskatchewan roots where the sun shines every day of the winter even when it’s freezing cold. It felt a bit strange not to chat with my husband this morning. […]

21 Days Without My Husband — Day 1

Today my husband left for his annual vacation junket to Trinidad — without me.  I declined the invitation to travel with him — as I do every year. Most people gasp when they hear this. They ask why I don’t  go with him.  They admonish me for missing the carnival festivities on the island.  They are […]