Life Decisions — Getting What You Want From Your Life

What do you want from your life? In commenting to a recent post a reader asked how I decided what aspects of life were important to me in retirement. This comment made me think again about the process I use to make decisions to get what I want from my life. “The first step to […]

Moving on and Letting Go

A few weeks ago I attended a celebration where I had opportunity to meet many former colleagues.  These people were important to me in my career — they were in my network.  I interacted regularly with all of them — sometimes monthly, sometimes weekly and sometimes daily. It was wonderful to see them but aside […]

Twelve Thoughts from Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night also known in Christian traditions as Epiphany was celebrated yesterday — on January 6. For me, January 6 means that it’s the day to ‘take down’ Christmas. It means putting away the dishes that come out for holidays; it means writing thank you cards; it means putting away decorations; it means the end […]

Are New Year’s Resolutions Dead?

Are New Year’s resolutions dead? Many people have given up on making resolutions.  Resolutions often involve giving up something that is enjoyable or taking up an activity to achieve a goal.  The resolution may be to give up chocolate to lose weight or it might be to start a gym membership to get fit. A […]