Does Practising Goodness Improve Happiness?

Do you practise goodness to improve happiness in your postworksavvy life? Are you a ‘good’ person? Goodness is difficult to define as it usually takes meaning from the context in which it is used.   It may refer to generosity and the act of giving to others.  It may also be used to describe something inanimate, such […]

Are you letting nostalgia hold you back?

Nostalgia has a way of holding you back. For retired folks, it’s easy to fall into descriptions of how life ‘used to be’. Oxford dictionary defines nostalgia as a “sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past.” Nostalgia is usually considered something that happens to older people and to retired people.  They […]

Do you use scenario planning for life decisions?

Scenario planning helps you make important life decisions. As we grow older it seems there are more and not fewer life decisions to make with more uncertainty about the future. Where will you live? How will you manage health concerns — especially if health declines in later years?  How will you use your time? How […]