Postworksavvy Gratitude and the Longer View

Gratitude is usually understood with a short-term focus. Taking time every day to make a gratitude list is one way to stay focused on the good things that happen and the small pleasures that bring on smiles. Whether in a gratitude journal or in a thankfulness list, it is common to find three to five […]

Why blog during retirement?

Why do you spend so much of your retirement blogging? What are you getting from writing a blog? Don’t you get bored with writing? Isn’t it lonely spending so much time in front of your computer? Is your blog worth the time and money you are investing in it? Aren’t there other retirement hobbies that you want to pursue? These […]

20 little things that make a BIG Difference

Taking a moment to appreciate the little things that make  you happy is time well-spent. Appreciation of little things helps me to stay optimistic and to keep a fresh perspective.  When I open my eyes to the good things happening around me I stay focused on the blessings of life. So please indulge this postworksavvy blogger as […]

Retirement Happiness and the World Happiness Report

If you are retired, is your retirement happiness connected to the privilege of living in a country ranked high in the world happiness report? Earlier this year the United Nations released its world happiness report.  In the 2012 report Canada ranked as the 5th happiest country in the world — behind Denmark, Finland, Norway and Netherlands. […]

How to Deal with the Five Top Retirement Worries

Everyone worries. Sometimes retired people worry more than working people because they have more time for worry. Research shows that retired people have worries that fall into five broad categories of concern — health, money, living arrangements, relationships, and maintaining a sense of purpose. Short-lived periods of worry happen naturally and everyone worries — not […]