How shovelling wood chips gives a new perspective on retirement

With retirement comes the gift of time and the capacity to use time in your own way.  You are free to eat when you want to eat, sleep when you want to sleep, play at new hobbies, and yes, manage those pesky tasks that relate to daily living. Sometimes, though, you need to ‘mix things […]

Indulgence — Experiencing a mini-retreat

Last week I wrote about retreats and mused about the many benefits of such experiences.  I also postulated that mini-retreats during retirement would bring many benefits. Little did I know that I was actually going to experience a mini-retreat within days of writing that post. The seeds were sown last winter when I suggested to […]

Do you need a personal mini-retreat for self-renewal?

During the work years, it is not uncommon to attend retreats to reflect on leadership, strategic choices, sustainability and new ventures.  Time away from the office in a retreat setting provides time to focus on organizational renewal and opportunities to deliver tangible returns. During my career I was privileged to attend many retreats — some […]