Too Many Choices –Time Management Decisions in Retirement

‘”Too much to do — too little time” Yesterday, in the post-exercise coffee shop conversation at the gym several women lamented about how busy they were. They complained that their retirement schedules were as over-crowded as work schedules had been.  Everyone struggled to find enough time for the gym, for grand-children, for hobbies, for travel, […]

5 Essentials for Aging Successfully

Most postworksavvy folks want to have a long and successful retirement.  We want to age ‘successfully’. But sometimes we sabotage ourselves because we have not developed a strategy for retirement. In my postworksavvy experience there are 5 Essentials to consider in your strategy for aging successfully. Physical Activity.  No retirement will be successful with health problems that hold […]

Weddings — Savouring Special Family Rituals

Our son was married a couple of weeks ago. For this postworksavvy mom, the wedding was special.  Aside from the fact that things proceeded perfectly (in my eyes), it was special time for us. It marked a major change for our small nuclear family — we now have a daughter-in-law. Marriage signified another big step […]