How do you know what to ignore in your retirement?

It’s that time of year when many people make resolutions.  The traditional resolutions — to lose (or gain) weight, to start an exercise program, to clear the clutter, to eat better, to sleep more, to eliminate debt are familiar categories.  I freed myself from resolutions a few years ago and began writing down my aspirations […]

Musings about Christmas Tree Trimming Rituals

Our house is moving into high gear to get ready for Christmas celebrations.  Because of our vacation in early December everything is behind schedule.  By some miracle we have sent the cards and letters, planned the menus, and begun the shopping.  We have simplified much of the hoopla of Christmas. The tree trimming ritual is an […]

Why vacations make you happier

On the weekend we returned from our first real vacation in over a year.  Spending time on the relaxed island of St. Kitts was just what we needed to gain a new perspective about life.  Until we took the vacation, neither of us realized how vacations can restore the soul and renew energy levels.  This […]

What's your game plan for the annual flu season?

A couple of weeks ago the ‘flu shot’ reminder letter arrived from my family physician.  It announced the dates and times for receiving the annual flu shot and advocated that all ‘seniors’ should receive the shot to help ward off the flu. No debate with myself on this issue — I always get the flu […]