Friendship — New Meaning for love during Valentine's week

Just before Valentine’s Day we received the sad news of the death of a dear friend.  This was someone who my husband had known through high school, someone who immigrated to Canada with him, who studied with him, and whose family members shared many happy times with us although we lived some geographic distance apart. […]

A week of reading and media deprivation

I did it.  Last week I began a week of reading and media deprivation lasting from Sunday evening to Sunday evening.  I made it through the week.  While the experiment yielded mixed results, it certainly made me aware of some of my habits and provided incentives to make some changes in how I spend my […]

Cold turkey — the midway point

Regular readers of Postworksavvy know that I’m taking a week off from radio, TV, social media and reading.  Partly because I’ve saturated my brain with CBC, popular magazines, online diversions and reading novels during recuperation from hip surgery along with the usual hibernation and cocooning that comes with living through a Canadian winter and partly […]