Going cold turkey — a week of media and reading deprivation

I’m taking a media break this week and giving my mind a rest.  For the past 10 weeks, as I’ve recovered from hip replacement, my brain has been saturated with CBC radio, newspapers, online media, magazines, TV and social media.  Its time for a break. Its time to listen to my internal musings and stop […]

Are you sick and tired of winter yet?

It’s January 26 and I’m getting sick and tired of winter.  Short Ontario days with limited sunshine, lots of snow, treacherous icy sidewalks and cold temperatures make outside activities difficult especially with my limited mobility after the hip surgery. My beautiful leather boots are salt-stained.  My car resembles a big dirty ice-cube from driving around […]

40 Reasons to Smile

Smiling and laughing are contagious.  When you are with people who are smiling and laughing, it makes you feel like smiling.  Seeing the smiles of others affects your own emotional state and your sense of well-being. Since I remain housebound as I recover from hip replacement surgery, it’s been a challenge to maintain a positive […]

Do you have the courage to make mistakes?

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. — Albert Einstein As I was making lunch today I heard an interesting CBC interview with Brene Brown a social work professor and author of The Gifts of Imperfection.  The discussion centred on the merits of accepting personal imperfections and learning that mistakes […]

Are you staying mentally sharp?

When I retired, I was given an excellent piece of advice from a psychiatrist friend who retired many years ago.  He told me that retirement makes it easy to develop passive styles of relating to the world rather than active styles.   He advised that above all, for success in retirement, I should  seek ways to […]

Will you find the courage to enlarge your life?

The beginning of a new year usually means resolutions to make changes in your life.  Goals common to many people include losing weight, stopping smoking, saving money, becoming physically active and developing a stress free lifestyle.  Setting these goals often helps people to conquer habits and lifestyle issues. However goal setting may not be for […]